Month: June 2018

The Gender Gap in Physics, Operations or Computing Will Not Close This Centur

The gender gap for women who work on research and work in so-called STEM disciplines, especially in operations, computing, physics and mathematics, will not block this century if the slow pace of current reforms and reforms is not done, according to a study revealed today . The study, conducted by all researchers at the University […]

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Degrees in Physics That We Can Learn

Physics is a science that studies nature as a whole. From the largest, like * planets, galaxies, and the universe as a whole, even as small as atoms, elementary particles or laws reflect fundamental * behavior of “reality.” In this definition, this is one of the oldest, with mathematics. Degree in physics introduces * students […]

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Sector of Knowledge: “Information Technology”, Specialization: “Computer Science and Information Technology”

Today it’s hard to want a life without a computer. The speed of computer technology is shocking. We are watching a real computer revolution! Computer technology, present in the mid-20th century, has a large impact on the growth of science, technology, business and not a few areas different from human activities. This technology will continue […]

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