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6 Development of Information Technology Can Help Increase Sales Including Slots Games

In the retail business, the effort to increase sales is never and do not stop. With the high level of sales that can be reached, it will be directly proportional to the dividends that will be earned. Increasing sales requires a good marketing strategy as well as an approach to the customer. The approach to […]

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The Important Role of Information Techniques in the Era of Globalization

is undeniable that the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) in this era of globalization has a very urgent role in human life in all corners of the globe. Rapid flow obtained by ICT itself was able to cause many benefits and even the tendency for us as users in its use. Various existing […]

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The Gender Gap in Physics, Operations or Computing Will Not Close This Centur

The gender gap for women who work on research and work in so-called STEM disciplines, especially in operations, computing, physics and mathematics, will not block this century if the slow pace of current reforms and reforms is not done, according to a study revealed today . The study, conducted by all researchers at the University […]

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