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Physics in computers: computers as a tool in the teaching and learning of the physical sciences

  The high number of failures in Physics, in many educational levels and in some countries, indicates well the obstacles facing all students in studying this science. The cause of this problem is not sufficiently clarified. So, the solution was not. However, one of the reasons for learning that is unsuccessful in physics, the way […]

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Degrees in Physics That We Can Learn

Physics is a science that studies nature as a whole. From the largest, like * planets, galaxies, and the universe as a whole, even as small as atoms, elementary particles or laws reflect fundamental * behavior of “reality.” In this definition, this is one of the oldest, with mathematics. Degree in physics introduces * students […]

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Sector of Knowledge: “Information Technology”, Specialization: “Computer Science and Information Technology”

Today it’s hard to want a life without a computer. The speed of computer technology is shocking. We are watching a real computer revolution! Computer technology, present in the mid-20th century, has a large impact on the growth of science, technology, business and not a few areas different from human activities. This technology will continue […]

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