Degrees in Physics That We Can Learn

Physics is a science that studies nature as a whole. From the largest, like * planets, galaxies, and the universe as a whole, even as small as atoms, elementary particles or laws reflect fundamental * behavior of “reality.” In this definition, this is one of the oldest, with mathematics.

Degree in physics introduces * students in the exposure * about the world of physics by devoting * basis to * applying it to the activities * everyday skills * teaching, technology or company. It also provides basic * skills to * further study of higher education physics *, as a master or later doctoral degree in which the student * will surrender * more or less * necessary skills * to create * “new physics” in order * herself.

Physics graduates from UNED, after completing their studies * have * knowledge, skills and skills * summarized as follows:

Be able to evaluate and separate * between folding, and use * develops a clear perception of a * physically different * condition, but * an analogy event, which will * allow the use of * a known new problem solution. For * it is urgent * that, in addition to mastering the physical theory, get * good knowledge and mastery of the * way of math and numerical very * often used.
Has developed the skills to identify urgent elements of a complex process or condition that allows us to construct a simplified model reflecting the required approach to learning and enabling creating predictions about future growth. Graduates in Physics should also be able to identify techniques to check the validity of the model and introduce the required modifications when differentiated between prediction and observation.
To become familiar with the * activities in the lab, instrumentation and * least experimental * ways are used. Besides * it, you can * experiment * independently and explain, analyze, and critically evaluate the data obtained.
In short, you need * to understand * the size of the body * (measure and use * appropriate mathematical concepts * * “number” for any condition), be examined as physical * (make an analogy between the physics model and the condition * new ones, both in laboratory experiments like in cotidian conditions, and acting as using physical techniques experimental and data acquisition labs, which are either know to interpret or critically evaluate the results obtained with them.

To have more * suggestions * about the desired level of knowledge * from a pupil * who started * Degree in Physics, it is advisable * to work * first

Physics zero course

designed by Master’s degree with knowledge of physics, mathematics and basic computer science to begin the degree.

This course of Physical Physics has been prepared with suggestions to help overcome the possible weaknesses of the basic knowledge of Physics, with which students can be found when initiating a certain degree, where Physics is part of the exercise eye that will be studied.
The main goal is to flatten the previous Physics knowledge that can be accessed by all students to study at the university. This is most important for UNED students, since the origins are most varied. This helps to add subsequent academic performance and the acquisition of essential skills to start a degree in Science or Engineering.
The material has been designed and elaborated by professors of Physics level, especially from the first program that those who value the gaps in the minimum knowledge with which the students arrive.