Sector of Knowledge: “Information Technology”, Specialization: “Computer Science and Information Technology”

Today it’s hard to want a life without a computer. The speed of computer technology is shocking. We are watching a real computer revolution! Computer technology, present in the mid-20th century, has a large impact on the growth of science, technology, business and not a few areas different from human activities. This technology will continue to be popular in the job market, and those who work in the field of informatics play a valuing role in preparing the future.

“Computer Science and Information Technology” is a specialization for the preparation of bachelors with a wide range of information technology disciplines.

Are you going to participate in the development of computer technology, creating unique and useful programs, web sites, 3D models, computer games? Or perhaps you want to work as a system administrator, manage all fleets of computers, work in the field of Internet communications? Then we invite us to ChWUZ International Science and Engineering University named after Academy Yuri Bugai for “Computer Science” training!

Specialization “Computer Science and Information Technology”
Specialized “Computer Science and Information Technology” gives students the opportunity to find strong knowledge of advanced information technology and pursue promising jobs in IT companies, belonging to foreign companies. The specialty of the profession allows us to work remotely, have flexible work schedules.

There is no university entrance exam. Students are recruited according to independent testing.
Applicants with secondary specialized education in related specializations are accepted for a second or third year, depending on academic differences and interview results.
If desired, students may undergo military training and receive a military title “Reserve Officer”.
Curriculum Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology
The special “Computer Science and Information Technology” is based on normative (compulsory) discipline studies of fundamental, specialized and humanitarian specialist training, as well as selective discipline. Students receive thorough mathematical and algorithmic training, learning basic programming languages, computer networks, operating systems and the different disciplines needed to work in their specialty.

Student preparatory plans on selective elements, compiled by departments taking into account the modern needs of the labor market, the development of information technology (IT) and student willingness, contain the following disciplines:

The basic principles of MNTU development are:

orientation to the training of highly qualified specialists in computer science, who can work in many IT fields from programmers to administrators (systems, databases, networks);
integration of educational, scientific and industrial employment as a prerequisite to devote a level of training specialists suited to the needs of the labor market;
further enhancement of the quality of scientific and pedagogical staff from the University;
taught at the university in the direction of “Computer Science” in coaching on the principles of modern education, enabling them to gain knowledge that would convince successful graduates to manage their own business and work on the many structures of the Ukrainian economy.
A collection of competitive eye exercises in a certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Quality Assessment of Education:
Ukrainian language and literature (base level);
foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Russian);
history of Ukraine.
Appropriate collection of competitive training eyes (entrance exam, creative competition).

The term training in the specialization “Computer Science and Information Technology”:

4 years with a qualification of “Information Technology Specialist” for part-time and 4.5 years full-time education (on the basis of full general high school education);
1.5 years with a qualification of “Master of Information Technology” for the study of full time and part time (for specialists with high education basic education “Bachelor” level;
Secondary Education – 2.5 Years (Form of Training Correspondence).
Employment opportunities for graduates with degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology
The workplace of alumni may be an organization engaged in the development and maintenance of soft equipment, belonging to the Internet platform, mobile operators, internet service providers, organizations using computer technology. It’s the same when we try to build the transaction system in back then we use oracle as database and react js as interface.

The master’s degree is the educational degree earned in the second level of higher education and submitted by higher education institutions as a result of the successful educational program solution suitable for applicants for high education.

After receiving the first alumni of high education (bachelor) can continue their studies in the exclusive field of “Computer Science and Information Technology” and find the qualification of “Master of Computer Science and Information Technology”

The Master’s program aims to delve deeply into the theoretical and practical problems in fostering modern information systems, intelligent distributed systems, and assuring their quality and reliability.

During the training, students learn the discipline aimed at using knowledge in many areas of information technology (IT), specifically:

design and implementation of complex distributed information systems;
information protection in information systems and the creation of integrated protection systems;
integration of information systems (including hardware, soft equipment, information support, telecommunications);
knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence systems, decision-making systems;
web services, service oriented information systems;
design of integrated computerized control system for production process.

Jobs in Computer Science and Information Technology
Getting highly educated in “Computer Science and Information Technology” specialization expands opportunities for career activity and development.

In the arrangement of positions of proposals that the Master of Computer Science and Information Technology can meet, you should add the following:

IT Engineer;
Information Security Engineer
The company’s IT director or IT specialist (IT director)
team leader (project) (Team leader)
IT experts,
computer systems analyst (business process analyst);
Office / Engineer Quality Assurance (Quality Assurance Engineer)
system integrators;
system architect;
high education teacher.