The Important Role of Information Techniques in the Era of Globalization

is undeniable that the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) in this era of globalization has a very urgent role in human life in all corners of the globe. Rapid flow obtained by ICT itself was able to cause many benefits and even the tendency for us as users in its use. Various existing software in this ICT has taken the element in presenting a myriad of information about the lives of individuals such as health, hobbies, entertainment, and others. Then also dominant to the profession like technology, commerce, business, and others. It can also leverage the terms of cooperation between individuals and associations without knowing any boundaries or times, countries, races, social classes, economics or anything else that results in inhibition in exchange of thoughts.

Based on communications and community media, this time I will talk about Global Village and social fragment. Beginning with Global Village, which was launched from the book The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man was launched in 1962 which then proceeded home with the book titledUnderstanding Media in 1964 written by Marshall McLuhan has been successfully popularized the termGlobal Village. In his book, McLuhan stated about the successful electrical technology into the daily activities of the village community. The term Global Village itself is not infrequently functioned as a term used for a metaphor that can declare the World Wide Web or commonly known as the WWW and Internet network as a device. With the internet, the human can do the communication in real-time without disturbed by the physical distance or body of the interlocutor.

The speed at which communication is offered online is now experiencing a dominant addition to the significant user escalation that can easily be used to communicate anywhere, anytime, or with anyone we talk to. McLuhan has claimed that this technology can give you the urge to foster better bond ties between each other, one country to another, and so on.

Social fragmentation is reflected as a relationship that exists between the human person and the period of time and place. In general, the situation for the occurrence of fragmentation in social life can bring or cause a benefit to the different people who are in the vicinity. Social fragmentation that can round up mutual relationships between people solely for a while and time in a certain place to reach a destination that can be mentioned almost the same or also the same and can go home into indifference when the goal has been achieved which is supported by the situation where the people who associated with slowly getting away from the starting place.

Culture held by the community for many years did not escape the spotlight of communication media that so provoke the process contained in the cultural section. For example, a gambling culture can be a positive or negative impact depends on how the government regulation for that. In a develop countries in Asia such as Philippines or Macau that makes gambling legal, the economy’s growth is in positive level, they also make an online gambling such as legal throughout Asia. In a relationship that is intertwined with the process of a habit of communication aimed at people or groups is called cultural exchange. In the process that occurs there are elements of culture, one of which is the language, while the language itself is the tool used to communicate. Thus, communication can be mentioned as a process of habit because communication can only be realized when previously there has been the creation of an idea of ​​reason perceived by the mind of the individual. If the communication work is carried out in a community, then it will produce a collection of activities. And ultimately, the work of communication is fruitful in a physical format such as a work like a monument and a building.

From the book of Dan Nimmo written by Oliver Garceau in 1994 it gives an explanation of the process of a politics as a pattern of double, balanced interaction, cooperation, and there is competition that can link the position of the population of countries that have actively participated in the main position for decision-making. Similar to what was set by Garceau, in 2004, Nurudin has claimed that a process of political field, communication can serve as a tool that has the potential to channel political messages in the form of demands and support for dominance for immediate action. This process is then issued back home which can then be feedback (feedback).

In a democratic political system, there are two political subsystems, namely the political superstructure subsystem such as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches and the political infrastructure subsystem like political parties, interest groups, social organizations, and so on. The process of input and output of a political system itself must have kebersangkutanan with the political process. In this model of communication in the political world, it has been explained that input political communication is the process of an opinion which can be mentioned in the form of ideas, demands, criticisms and advocates that flow about a real issue coming from the aspect of infrastructure aimed at the political superstructure to be processed into a decisions in politics that can be described by law, decree, and so on. While political communication with the output model is the process of exposure or socialization of the agreed decisions in politics from the political superstructure to political infrastructure.

In the era of globalization, information technology plays the most important role. By mastering technology and information, you have a good capital to be a winner in a global competition. In the era of globalization, not mastering information technology is synonymous with illiteracy. Information Technology (IT) and multimedia has enabled the realization of effective and fun learning, which involves students actively. The ability of IT and multimedia in speaking the message is considered the greatest. In the field of education, IT and multimedia have process paradigm exposure of learning materials for learners. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) is not only able to help teachers in teaching, but can already have a stand alone nature in facilitating the learning process.

An urgent emphasis will maximize human resources across sectors, meaning you will need the most effective communication system. If you respond to the need for focus initially it should be more receptive to information rather than information dissemination. This almost reverses the role when compared to the role of educational administration communication that used to be.

The main difference between developed and developing countries is the ability of science and technology. Rapid advances in science and technology in developed countries are supported by an established information system. Conversely, weak information systems in developing countries cause backwardness in the mastery of technological knowledge. So it is clear that whether or not a state advanced the most determined by teirhadap mastery of information, because the main adalahmodal information in developing science dan.teknologi the principal weapon to build the country. So that when a country is about to go forward and still exist in global competition, it must master information.

In the era of globalization and information is mastery of information is not good enough to be limited to master, it takes speed and accuracy. Because almost no to master the information is outdated, the actual development of science and technology of the most rapidly cause information to be most short age, in other words, the old information will be neglected with more recent information.



One format of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products is the rapidly growing internet at the end of the 20th century and on the edge of the 21st century. Its presence has given a considerable effect on the lives of human beings in many aspects and dimensions.

The Internet is the relation of ‘interconnected-networking’. The Internet is one instrument in the era of globalization that has made this world transparent and connected very easily and quickly without knowing the boundaries of territoriality or nationality. Through the internet each person can access to the global world to get information in so many areas and on the gliran will give influence in the bulk of his behavior. This condition will certainly give effect to the patterns and patterns of human life as a whole. In this connection, each person or nation that wants to be sustainable in the face of global obstacles, needs to increase the quality of itself in order to adapt to the growing demands.

In the future, the flow of information will increasingly rise through the Internet network that has global properties in all the world and requires anyone to adapt to these trends if you do not want outdated. The Internet that used to be used in the Pentagon and colleges and research institutions in the US is now spreading to all sectors. Starting from medium-sized companies, big companies, newspapers, and even a child can use it. But it needs to be digested that in this era of globalization where the flow of information in all its forms would quickly and easily obtained, reproduced again with the cheaper price of a computer and internet access to create internet users from year to year increasingly increasing.

The number of Internet users are large and growing, already embodies the Internet habits. The Internet also has a great influence on science, and the worldview. With only guidance provided by search engines like Google, users in all the world have easy internet access over a variety of information. Compared to books and libraries, the Internet describes the dissemination of information and data in extreme terms.

Impact of Use of Internet Technology
This material bahwasannya been pronounced before when discussing the Internet a number of time ago. However, to the extent reminiscent of old memories, here is pronounced back the impacts raised by the use of internet technology.

• Positive impact
Increasing numbers of Internet users are increasing rapidly lately due to the many uses and benefits or positive effects raised by this technology. Benefits of which are as follows:

  1. The Internet can be useful as a medium of communication and not a bit used to communicate with other users of all the world.
  2. Internet technology can create a community or a particular network with friendster, facebook, blogs, etc.
  3. Media to dig information or data, mencarai data can be implemented quickly, through yahoo, google, etc ..
  4. Ease of information available on the internet so that people know the growth of the outside world and what happens. The flow of information remains flowing each time without any limitations of times and places.
  5. Media data exchange, by using email, newsgroup, ftp and www (world wide web – network of websites) all internet users in all the world can exchange information quickly and cheaply.
  6. The Internet as an information field for the fields of politics, education, culture, and others.
  7. In addition, the internet can counteract the decline in brain benefits. Exploring the internet world was able to stimulate the center of the brain. Because it turns out, with surfing-ria, a person can involve complicated brain activities to the extent that can teach and improve the benefits of the brain.

• Negative impact
The Internet can not only deliver things that are positive for us but also negative things. Below are a number of negative impacts that can be presented from the use of internet technology, namely:

  1. The Internet can be used to access images and porn movies. Although pornographic images and pornographic stories can be obtained from many sources, the presence of the Internet increasingly enliven the acquisition of the pronography. With the information delivery skills that the internet has, pornography is also rampant. On the internet there are images of pornography and violence that can lead to pressure on someone to act criminally.
  2. The Internet also did not escape the attack of fraudsters. The best way is not to heed this affair or to confirm the information we get to the information provider. Do not easily believe the offers submitted and should not be arbitrary when going to use credit cards to make purchases of goods on-line.
  3. A more individualistic lifestyle. The presence of computers has changed the pattern of family interaction. Computers connected to the phone have opened up opportunities for anyone to connect with the outside world. People now feel prestige if you do not surf, it is not certain he needs information. Internet relay chatting (IRC) programs, internet, and e-mail have created people engrossed in their own lives.
  4. Higher consumerism. Many people now do online shopping via the internet. The less frequent access to the internet and go to commercial web-web means less and fewer items that are witnessed which in the end is tempted and lured to buy. With the credit card all the more easy and following a powerful combination to spend money.
  5. The emergence of internet technology has two different sides. On the one hand brings little benefit to the wearer. However, on the different side of internet technology can not be released any negative impacts that will be present when this technology is misused. With our skill to choose desirable we can use it wisely according to our need.